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Main Indicators of Measuring Performance of the Award

The main indicators of measuring performance of the award have been developed taking into account its key success factors. The continuous development of these indicators is considered as one of the best management practices which will assist, God willing, in achieving the strategic goals of the award.
The following is a summary of the most prominent indicators that will be put into practice:

  • Percentage of the growth of participants for the award.
  • Actual number of applied candidates of the different award categories compared to the targeted numbers
  • Actual percentage of the financial sponsorship compared to the targeted financial sponsorship
  • Actual umber of the marketing activities held during the year compared to the targeted number.
  • Range of the general satisfaction among the candidates of the award using specific evaluation mechanisms.
  • Actual percentage of available qualified human resources working in the management of the award compared to the targeted percentage in the strategy of human resources of the award.
  • Actual number of specialized training programs implemented annually compared to the targeted number
  • Actual number of the strategic relations agreements made with agencies related to the award’s activities compared to the targeted number.