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The strategy of launching the award depends on the quality of its activities to upgrade its level to match similar international awards. The award will work through this vision to solicit qualified human resources needed to do so.
Additionally, the award will seek to establish ways of cooperating with qualified consultant companies that have vast experience in launching similar awards. This will assist the Salman Awards to build the references and develop the criteria for selecting the winners in a professional manner that will further increase its credibility, fairness and professionalism. This will also encourage and increase the number of eager participants and assist in achieving the Awards’ goal in growing the competitive spirit among the youth.
The award will also work to partner with similar international awards in the neighboring states and countries worldwide in order to exchange experiences and knowledge. It will attempt to find out what is new to constantly develop with ideas and success stories.
The methodology of focusing on the quality to upgrade the award adopts many mechanisms. Examples of this include:

  • Effective planning of award activities through adoption of an international approach in project management.
  • Effective implementation through assurance of adequate necessary resources to make the award and its activities successful and attracting the qualified human efficiencies.
  • Periodic and comprehensive review of all details of the award such as strategies, vision, mission and goals in addition to activities, etc.
  • Periodic review of the Evaluation and the Awarding process through a group of mechanisms such as:
  1. Holding regular Award Administration meetings and obtaining constructive feedback.
  2. Designing questionnaires to probe opinions of the entrepreneurs who are qualified for an award category.
  3. Inviting random young entrepreneurs who won the award to participate in workshops with the administrative and executive committees of the award, to provide opportunities that will strengthen aspects in the mechanisms of implementing the award.

Since its first day of launch, the Prince Salman Award will work to implement its message in building a creative generation of future leaders. These leaders will take part in propelling the progress and prosperity march of the homeland. Stemming from this ground, the award program will include many events and activities that aim at achieving these goals. This program will focus on all groups of the business youth within their different ages and classes as a principle base of moving towards comprehensive processes to improve the award. The award will work on:

  • Building the circles of development and innovation in the field of excellence as well as the spirit of initiative.
  • Implementing specialized workshops for the targeted groups.
  • Providing sufficient specialized administrative and technical courses.
  • Inviting specialized experts in order to learn from their similar experiences and benefit from them.

The success of the award in its first year will bear a lot of significance. It intends to include the GCC in its third year of establishment then to proceed internationally in its fifth year. By achieving this, the award will be the distinguished model for unleashing the energies of the youth and utilizing them to the optimum level.
Award Categories:
The Award is made up of six categories. These awards will be granted to the most outstanding young entrepreneur who innovatively develops a modern service or project in any of the respective categories listed below that has impacted the society positively:
The Award is made up of six categories as listed below:

  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Award in the Industrial sector.
  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Award in the Service sector.
  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Award in the Trade sector.
  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Award in the Technical sector.
  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Award in the Agricultural sector
  • Prince Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Leadership Award. This Award will be granted to one of the outstanding young entrepreneurs in leading positions. The winning young entrepreneur should have had a positive influence on the enterprise’s performance as a result to his/her professional achievements, management capabilities and leading skills.

In addition to the main categories of the Award, some special Awards will also be granted every year. The following Awards to be presented are:

  • An Award to the Best Government or Private Organization; This Award will be granted to an agency that has proved to be most helpful in assisting the young entrepreneurs in achieving their businesses and starting their projects with ease.
  • An Award of Accomplishments; This Award will be granted to an entrepreneur with an outstanding role in the economic development. He/she has to have offered inventiveness and support that had great affect in supporting young entrepreneurs.