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The Award, through presenting it to the community of the young entrepreneurs, aims at achieving various strategic goals, the most important are:

  • Honoring the best enterprises of the young entrepreneur that has accomplished excellence in performance and reward them in the form that best fits the organization’s name. Thus, it becomes an incentive to other entrepreneurs to strive for excellence and success.
  • Promoting positive competitiveness among the youth through introducing their pioneering experiments in the field of excellence, quality and innovation and provide the chance to take advantage of them at the local and/or global levels.
  • Participating in exchanging of the outstanding experiences between the entrepreneurs and sharing each other’s success stories.
  • Providing a guiding reference and standard principles to measure the range of progress and development in the performances of the entrepreneur in the kingdom.
  • Participating in the performance development of the entrepreneur, their programs and plans, and working to find a targeted turnover in their performance’s by creating awareness on the concepts of distinguished performance, creativity, quality and deepening of the excellence culture.
  • Uplifting the level of leadership in the organization’s management to achieve the targets of comprehensive quality and the fulfillment of their responsibilities since these targets have great impact on the rest of the management elements in the enterprises.
  • Sustaining the programs of development and the strategic planning in organizations of the entrepreneur in general.